Label to show last scanned item problem


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I have an input field that submits the barcode post scan and is set to "clear on submit". I want a label field (or whatever works) to show the last scanned and to update after each scan. I am able to do this but the "clear on submit" no longer works in the input field forcing me to delete the text field prior to scanning the next item.

Is there a way to work around this?


Hi Brent,

If your only real problem at the moment is that you have to delete the text in the input field before scanning the next item, I think the easiest way would be to add a Smartform rule (under the Data Capture settings of your session) that would just send any scanned barcode to that field. That way you wouldn't have to bother deleting the text first and you can just keep on scanning.

However, this only works on devices where TracerPlus can fully "integrate" with the barcode engine, and that's not always the case. If there's any type of data wedge application running then this won't work, since any scanned value will just be passed on to the application as regular keyboard input.

If you register date/time, another option might be to include a grid on your form that shows the barcodes scanned in that session, and set the grid to sort on the date/time field descending. If you set the height of the grid so that it only shows one row, then that row would show you the last scanned barcode. It's not as clean a solution but it's a possible workaround. There are bound to be other ways you could solve it, but they'll likely be a bit more complex.

Dan Peluso

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Another way to do this is via a Lookup session. You could use a 2nd session to always store the last scanned value using a Lookup with the Update Source option turned on.

Essentially what you are then doing is always updating 1 record in the lookup session with the last scanned value. Using a static lookup value in your scan session would allow this to work.