Launch Session on TracerPlus startup

Russell Nielson

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I am running TracerPlus Desktop 9.2 and I need to start a particular session at startup of the application on the mobile device. I am using a custom launcher so that only certain sessions show under Data Entry and View Data. The session I need to start is "Login". This session is not visible under Data Entry or View Data, as it should only be loaded at launch of the application, then go away after data field entry.

I cannot get the application to launch into the Login session at start. I set the “Start on field” to User (first and only field in this session), and "Start on screen" to Launcher. But that doesn’t seem to do anything. I have reviewed the User Guides and didn’t see anything in the training videos. Is there something special I need to do because of the custom launcher?

Below is my custom launcher (.tsc):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<launcher version="9.0" useroverride="True" showconfig="False" showviewdata="True" showdataentry="True" customlauncher="True">
<pages lastselectedtab="0">
<page index="0" pageref="Data Entry" name="Data Entry">
<session index="0" caption="Collect Bins" cell="0" view="2" icon="" />
<session index="1" caption="Count Bins No Bags" cell="1" view="2" icon="" />
<session index="2" caption="Put Stock Into Bins" cell="2" view="2" icon="" />
<session index="3" caption="Physical Floor Stock" cell="3" view="2" icon="" />
<session index="4" caption="Sync" cell="4" view="2" icon="" />
<page index="1" pageref="View Data" name="View Data">
<session index="0" caption="Collect Bins" cell="0" view="1" icon="" />
<session index="1" caption="Count Bins No Bags" cell="1" view="1" icon="" />
<session index="2" caption="Put Stock Into Bins" cell="2" view="1" icon="" />
<session index="3" caption="Physical Floor Stock" cell="3" view="1" icon="" />


Hi Russel. I have done a very quick test and managed to accomplish what you're asking. In your Login session, under the Advanced tab, you want to set the 'Start on screen' field to 'Entry'. Then on the form for the Login session, assuming there is some button the user presses to exit the session (the Done button by default), you want to set the Button action of that to 'Launcher' rather than 'Done'. If you leave it set to 'Done' the user will be taken to the View Data screen of the Login session when exiting the form, and you don't want that; you want them to be taken to the Launcher.

That does the trick for me, ie. upon starting TracerPlus it loads the Login session, and when pressing the 'Done' button the user is taken back to the (custom) Launcher screen, where the Login session is not visible. Let me know if that works.

Russell Nielson

New Member
Hi Oliver. I tried your suggestions and no luck. When I launch TracerPlus it simply goes to the "Data Entry" screen which shows the available sessions.