Live Dropdown Data


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I know you can link a dropdown to a database, but is there a way to make it where it updates live. For example I have an app that allows users to create maintenance tickets and would like another app for the maintenance department to be able to use a dropdown to select which ticket that are working on.

Dan Peluso

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It sounds like you want the contents of a dropdown to update dynamically. While you *can* update a drop down contents via a data sync, it will not update to the screen without exiting the entry form and going back in.

I assume that is not what you are looking for though. As an alternative, I wonder if you couldn't use a data grid on the entry form. From the user perspective it would look and feel more like a list box than a drop down but it could work for what you need. The key option you would want to take advantage of related to the grid is the data binding settings on a given column. This allows a column of the selected row to be bound to a control on the form and that control would be assigned that column's selected value. Here is a link to a tutorial video that discusses the data grid

This *should* discuss the data binding option as I have described.

**This option of live dropdown updates is an open feature request on our side so we will be looking at it but in the meantime, I wonder if my suggestion above could work for you.

Thanks for the great question.


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Thank you so much I will look into this. I do have a solution that is working great doing the sync, but now just trying to figure out how to filter it so it only display the tickets that have not been completed yet.