Live Profile and Lookup


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Has anyone gotten live profile and lookup to work together, i keep running into the problem of trying to get back a record for a row in an excel database using a unique reference but no matter what on tracerplus it only pulls back the first row.


Dan Peluso

Staff member
Hi Kevin,

I can't think of a reason this would not work. I don't love Excel as a source of data for larger data sets in live mode but generally speaking this should work ok. I would take a look at your mappings in TP Connect and make sure you have defined a key field (usually just 1) along with your field mappings.

Also, a good test to be sure your lookups are defined correctly on the TP Desktop side is to remove that session from the Live Session settings and load a few test records on the local database of the device. If the lookup then works against that local data, you can at least be sure it is something in your TP Connect Live profile settings.

If you are a customer of ours with an active support agreement, you could also reach out to our support group for direct help.