Live session connect slow


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I have setup a live data grid on one of my screens. I have an inventory with over 12k skus and sometimes skus (barcodes) no longer match. My live data grid is used to filter a session based on my description column. My issue is, the data grid is connected to a live profile, and when I load my app containing the grid, it seems to take forever for the client and TPC to establish a full connection. On the status screen in TCP I can see my app immediately reaches out. I changed the logging level to verbose and it keeps mentioning a time out error.

I am using a Symbol MC9090 over WiFi.

Should I post the verbose logging info?

Dan Peluso

Staff member

If you have an active support agreement with us, you could send over the log info.

Two other things to consider.

1. What is the data source for your 12k skus? If it is something like Excel and/or Text, the responses may be significantly slower than if you were using a typical ODBC data source.

2. You mentioned verbose logging so I figure I should mention also that if you use verbose logging, it will have a speed impact on your connection. For a test, you could set this logging to either NONE or INFO.