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That's it. That's all it says. Forever. :)
So.... if I recently changed the IP address in Desktop, do I need to redeploy? If not ... any other suggestions?

Log shows "Worksheet not released. Already null"
Wait ... connect shows "currently syncing" but everything is 0%
BUT the table header states "one or more devices synchronizing in trial mode" Seems like that would be a problem.

I just moved everything from a different computer. So is this "trial mode" the problem? If so, what's next?
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Dan Peluso

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Hi Julie,

Your issue sounds similar to someone who came in with a support ticket recently so maybe it is the same but for the benefit of the group.

If you make a change to your project in TP Desktop, you will always need to deploy that to the device before the change will be reflected on the mobile device. So if you moved your TP Connect install to a new machine and it is using a different IP address (seems likely), then you *would* need to change that in TP Desktop as you did and you would also need to re-redeploy to the mobile device.

For the Trial mode issue, I suspect similar. Since you installed to a new PC, you will need a new registration code. If you have an active support agreement, there should be no cost related to this.

Regarding the "Worksheet not released....." message. That sounds like an informational message more than an error or a warning.