Looking for some help


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We use tracerplus for our equipment inventory.
Currently a tech has to scan the bar code of the office/cubicle and then all the equipment within.
We would like to use RFID, but i don't know how to make sure that it captures only the equipment within the cubicle/office.
Having to validate every entry would take longer than scanning only the bar codes as far as i can tell.

Anyone already has a project like this that's working?


Dan Peluso

Staff member

As you know, RFID has a benefit over barcode scanning by being able to read everything in an area without line of sight. This can be a negative as well, of course.

Within TracerPlus, we do offer the ability to control the power of the reader so that it can be fine tuned for scenarios like yours. If you turn the power lower, you can experiment with what would be an ideal setting for your environment. Also, noteworthy that this can be done in real time so as you move from location to location, you can increase/decrease this power as required.

This option in TracerPlus be an ideal solution for this challenge but may take some experimenting for your specific environment.

Let me know if that helps.