Make selected grid item disappear with button


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So I have session with a grid that has a column named "filed". "filed" defaults to 0.

I have a filter on the grid to hide if "filed" is not 0.

I want to make a button that says "Log as Filed" that will set the "filed" column of the selected record to 1 so that it hides and saves the data in the session.

Can this be done or is there an alternate way to accomplish this?

Dan Peluso

Staff member
You answered yourself before I got a chance to make this suggestion. Without knowing too much else about your project, this would have been the suggestion I would have made so glad to hear it worked for you.

For others reading this thread, Trevor used our custom SQL form logic option to execute SQL against the TracerPlus database and then used another action (Refresh button is an option) to refresh the grid after the SQL was executed.