Mobile printing from WEHH 6.5

Ray Brunton

New Member
I have a potential customer who wants to use Motorola/Symbol/Zebra ! MC67’s and mobile printers (Zebra P4T's). Looking in the programing manual it says that Bluetooth does not work with Windows devices but it can work with Bluetooth com emulation. Is this emulation part of the TracerPlus client, Windows or a third party?

Will it work with a wireless printer using an AdHock connection? Bluetooth would be preferred as they will operate in some WiFi areas and it could lead to issues if they use wireless.

Corey Hagewood

Staff member
Hi Ray,

The windows devices support this com emulation natively. After pairing the device with the Printer, there is an option to setup a Virtual Com port on the device for that printer to use over bluetooth. You would select a port here, then configure your TracerPlus Project to use that same port in the printing configuration options.

Bluetooth, or a wireless printer with an AdHock connection will both work fine for printing with TracerPlus.