New NFC Starter App on Play Store

Brad Horn


Get started scanning NFC badges, tags, ID plates or anything else that has a NFC id attached to it.

This app will allow the user to quickly enter items into an item list and then look up those items in the future creating an audit trail that can be used for most needs.

Whether you are doing attendance tracking at an event or just counting inventory or assets, this application is a great starter app that produces an exportable list file that can be shared with Excel, Access and most other databases. If you want to customize this app, add features including barcode, image capture and more, download TracerPlus Desktop today. To start sharing this apps data seamlessly with your software system or per-existing database, upgrade to TracerPlus and TracerPlus Connect which are true enterprise class solutions used by companies around the globe to track their most critical assets ranging from people thru IT Servers.