Pass from dev to production in Connect


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I imagine an improvement idea:because this tool is for non-programmers so it has to be simple.

To pass from "dev" (4403 on studio ) to "production or exploitation" on 4404 , there is a lot of mistakes sources.

Sources of mistakes :
1/ do not change port in TP desktop Connect profile (4403 to 4404)
2/ do not integrate the multi-user issue (the connect profile and data should be in commun part of the Windows)
3/ bad copy of the Connect profile (I just copy the .tcproj file , not the profiles dir) or bad indication of the profile for service,
4/ bas restart of the service when you hare not administrator

I think that :
a "push button" (or wizard) that makes thoses changes automatically should be installed.

Corey Hagewood

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This is a good suggestion. The move from development to production is often a trouble spot for many TracerPlus users. A wizard that corrects some of these trouble spots would be helpful.