Re-activate a retired device

Jeff Larsen

New Member
We needed to retire a device that was not in use so we could reclaim it's license. However, now a registered phone has failed and I need to bring the de-activated device back into service. How can I do this? The TracerPlus server application lists the device as retired and I can not assign a license. Is there a way to generate a new device ID?


Hi Jeff, this is by design; you can't re-activate a device ID you have previously retired. Also, if there were a way to generate a new device ID for your mobile device, that would cause your mobile license to longer be valid, as that is tied to the device ID. So that wouldn't solve your problem.

I suggest you open a ticket for this on the Support Portal. I'm sure someone will help you out there.

Dan Peluso

Staff member
Oliver's advice is the best bet. We intentionally do not allow un-retiring of a device. You would need to contact your sales rep and/or our tech support via the TracerPlus support ticket system to open a case with us.