Reading PDF417 barcodes

Jason Ingraham

New Member
I need to read information from a PDF417 barcode. I'm currently using a Text field type with General data type. When I scan the PDF417 barcode, I get several beeps, and a text string. I believe the beeps are due to some form of unreadable Unicode or ASCII character, but the characters don't show up in the TracerPlus app. When I check the same barcode in the scanner's built-in reader application, I see square outlines where the characters are, which also points to some form of unreadable character. Is there any way to get TracerPlus (or the scanner) to indicate what those characters are, or perhaps replace those characters with some other character?

I've attached an image of the barcode in case that's helpful.


Dan Peluso

Staff member

It sounds like the barcode has embedded unprintable characters. Often times, there characters are used as data seperators or something similar. I can have someone take a look at the barcode to see what might be embedded in there. I assume that you don't have control over how this barcode is printed?