Signature box on Android behavior


The signature popup does some misbehaving on Android. The app responds to the back softkey but doesn't close the popup, so you may leave a session but the popup will still be open and covering the screen. Better behavior would be to either close the popup instead of leaving the session, close the popup and leave the session, or disable the back button altogether.

The popup also performs oddly with respect to rotated screens. My forms are set in a portrait aspect with the entire form visible when the handset is in portrait mode. Turning the handset to landscape causes the form to be scaled up until the form fills the width and must be scrolled. Entering a signature field at the bottom of the form can cause the popup to open completely off-screen, requiring the user to scroll up to use the popup. I think the popup should always open on-screen, no matter which part of the form is visible at the time.

I'd also like an option to force the signature popup to into landscape, portrait, or autorotate view. Most signature collection boxes will naturally have a landscape aspect, so forcing landscape allows a larger popup to be shown completely without waiting for the handset to rotate the screen. Making it a three-way option keeps it flexible to suit various applications' needs.

Dan Peluso

Staff member
Hi James,

What is the device type/OS you are using? We have had reports of similar behavior in pop up dialogs like the signature box or the number pad. It usually relates to some combination of device screen size and or OS version. If you send that information over, I can have one of our folks attempt to reproduce it.

Tom Kline

New Member
I will second vote for a larger, landscape mode signature capture screen on the Android (or any device with a large screen.)