SQL Insert


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Hello Guys/Girls,

I want to insert a value from 1 session and insert it into another session how do I get the data from my current session and the data is located in a field and insert it into the specified session.


Dan Peluso

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It sounds like you could use a Form Logic Event/Action to accomplish this. Form logic is available via the Form Designer in TP Desktop. It is the right most toolbar option. Once this is opened, you can define an event to use to trigger a given action. The given action in this case would be "Custom SQL". The custom SQL you will want to execute is where you would put your INSERT statement. Something like

INSERT INTO Session2.....

I have included a youtube link that describes a similar process but in a different area. If you see the custom sql syntax in this video, you will want to use a similar concept.

Let me know if that helps or if you have any followup.