Sync data by cellular network


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There is no wifi network where the UHF RFID tags will be scanned.

Can handheld scanner data be synchronized using the cellular network (2g, 3g or 4g)?

If so, what will be the procedure for doing this work?

Thank you

Dan Peluso

Staff member

Yes this is possible and relatively common for our customers. Depending on your network architecture and your specific role, this may require some IT assistance in configuration.

The basic idea is that you would use the "outside" facing IP address assigned by your internet provider for all of your TracerPlus Configurations. The other setting required is a setting common to most routers called "Port Forwarding". This option needs to be set on your router so that any traffic on a given IP port will be redirected to the PC running TP Connect. By default, this is ports 4403 and 4404 though they can be changed after installation. On your router, you would simply redirect any traffic on those ports to your specific PC running TP Connect (typically to the internal network IP address assigned to that PC).

Let me know if that makes sense. I may have made it sound more difficult than it typically is.