Sync Error

Chandi Mahinda

New Member
Hey Community,

I'm getting a "Sync with Errors" message when syncing the device to the database. I'm using the MC55A0 UPC scanner and the database is MS Access.

So, let's say I enter in 12 UPC's and then sync the device from the cradle. It will save like 3 of the entries and in a random order. So, it will save entries: 1, 7, 12 but none of the others. I have the log file attached.

Looking at the log file, makes me think that someone removed the Access driver from the computer, but unsure why it would allow even one of the entries if that were the case.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Chandi Mahinda

New Member
Thank you for all the responses and help, LOL!! J/K I figured out what the problem was, or really, how to fix it. The error message that was received in the log file is kind of misleading. The database that I am working with is no where near the 2gb limit set by MS Access. At some point I'm guessing the database had some errors, got corrupted, or I honestly don't know, but what fixed it was to do a Compact and Repair. It actually reduced the size of the database by 9 times the original size. There is an option to actually have this procedure done every time the database is opened and closed. I no longer am having the issue.

Just wanted to pass on the knowledge if anyone else might run into the issue in the future.