TracerPlus 10.1 Release Notes (3/8/2019)

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Joseph Kraebel

Staff member
10.1.0 Build 1747 - Initial Release - 3/8/2019

New Features

  • Added support for Zebra's new MC3300R Android RFID devices.
  • RFID Tag User Memory bank can now be set to Read/Write in ASCII or Hexadecimal independent of EPC format.
  • New Conversion calcs added for converting Hex to ASCII and ASCII to Hex.
  • Project Explorer now displays Session and Field numbers.
  • Added I2of5 barcode decoding to zebra devices by default.
  • Build against latest API of Android to support the latest devices.
  • iOS update to support the notch on iPhone X displays.
  • Pair Bluetooth Device Button action added to pair Bluetooth devices directly in TracerPlus using the Bluetooth MAC Address.
  • Field/Session indexes now visible in project tree.
**SMS Feature Behavior Change - Due to policy changes in the google play store, the SMS feature now behaves differently in TracerPlus. Previously you could send an SMS message from TracerPlus and have it sent automatically without any additional user intervention. The new behavior now launches the SMS App with the message pre-populated requiring the user to click send.

Bug Fixes:
  • TP Desktop: Fixes goto control ids not working properly for RFID Read, Write and Locate button actions.
  • TP Desktop: Fixes publisher apks not loading project settings.
  • TP Desktop: Fixes signing of Publisher builds.
  • TP Desktop: Fixes goto control IDs for read/write/tag locate button actions.
  • TP Connect: Improvements and fixes to Stored Procedure syncing.
  • TP Connect: Fixes SQL Server stored procedures when a parameter is of non-text data types.
  • TP Connect: Fixes csv source with commas within the field data.
  • TP Android: Fixes buffer issue with read all mem banks on.
  • TP Android: Fixes some drawing issues on android title bar.
  • TP Android: Fixes image capture for published apps, fixes EMDK crash when using camera.
  • TP Android: Fixes barcode type validation for Zebra EMDK readers.
  • TP Android: Fixes crashing when using a sync timer with Sync dialog disabled.
  • TP Android: Fixes Zebra MC3200 native scanner issue.
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