TracerPlus 10.2 Release Notes (10/3/2019)

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Joseph Kraebel

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10.2.0 Build 1830 - Initial Release - 10/8/2019

New Features

  • TracerPlus client now runs on Windows Based PCs and Tablets.
  • Monthly and yearly Subscription plans now available.
  • User Management dashboard added form managing subscription licenses.
  • BLE Beacon Scanning for reading Bluetooth Beacons.
  • TCP/IP Print method can now reference TracerPlus field data for dynamically selecting different printers.
  • Improved connectivity with the Zebra TC20/RFD2000 RFID sled.
  • Default filter added to Printing/Messaging options.
  • Added new custom template destination data provider to TracerPlus Connect, allowing data to be synced to Email and URL web services.

  • TP Desktop: Ability to read RFID in hex but write it in ASCII.
  • TP Desktop: Added cancel option to validation message button action.
  • TP Desktop: Publisher handles custom launcher icons better.
  • TP Desktop: Add a new custom logic action to react to Cradle Event.
  • TP Desktop: Email and SMS on Android should allow "Send message automatically".
  • TP Desktop: Text boxes should change fill color when you change the background color.
  • TP Desktop: Add message in TP Desktop to indicate if NODE server cannot start.
  • TP Desktop: Removed Client Manager option from TP Desktop.

Bug Fixes:
  • TP Desktop: Copying a Pair Bluetooth button action doesn't copy any BT Settings.
  • TP Desktop: The \ character breaks form logic.
  • TP Desktop: Infinite loop possible in some form logic combinations.
  • TP Desktop: A device can un-register when deploying a project.
  • TP Desktop: App crashes on device when using Sync on Submit with Goto Control ID set.
  • TP Desktop: Malformed JSON can crash TP.
  • TP Desktop: Publisher build issues with Product ID.
  • TP Desktop: Copying a session does not copy the associated form.
  • TP Desktop: When start on field has input type: Barcode, the camera can launch on first open.
  • TP Desktop: Form logic if conditions not respecting field text case.
  • TP Desktop: Different effect of OnSubmit event in Form logic.
  • TP Desktop: Unable to read smart form data into a field set via Toggle Input button action.
  • TP Desktop: Input Type set to RFID for a field never gets focus causing read issues.
  • TP Desktop: Geiger doesn't work if its source field is set to input type: Keyboard.
  • TP Desktop: Publisher APK will not install, file corrupt.
  • TP Desktop: Using an image set to a button action of Toggle Input not saving to project.
  • TP Desktop: 'Goto' buttons not functioning after going to a flush tag button action.
  • TP Desktop: Setting a drop down field as visible false via form designer shows arrow only.
  • TP Desktop: No Logic rules are being processed if they come after an "Execute SQL" action.
  • TP Desktop: Printer Communication options not showing up after selecting email option first.
  • TP Desktop: Should not be allowed to select a blank project for download.
  • TP Desktop: Default Font Override not used when adding controls to Tab Control.
  • TP Desktop: Submit on error not working properly.
  • TP Connect: Dynamic filters with blank or not found data does not work as expected.
  • TP Connect: Delete selected without selecting a record can do a delete all in Live mode.
  • TP Connect: Syncing a new device for first time syncing in trial mode.
  • TP Connect: Live mode, Session with UpdateSource/Append and sig/image does not always post edited image.
  • TP Connect: Overwrite Feature not working on iOS.
  • TP Connect: Connect error message when in Windows service mode.
  • TP Connect: Table list not being refreshed properly.
  • TP Connect: Duplication of source filtering options / bad source filters.
  • TP Connect: Source Filters being treated as "And", not "Or".
  • TP Connect: Special characters in SQL Server columns break the SQL Select request.
  • TP Connect: <> Source filter comparison type does not work with blank value.
  • TP Android: RFD2000 Sled not reconnecting after going to sleep.
  • TP Android: Number pad popup not centering to screen if field is toward bottom of the form.
  • TP Android: RFID Radio should automatically turn on when Geiger dialog opens.
  • TP Android: Barcode scanner turning on for Zebra RFID devices when wake from sleep.
  • TP Android: Text Case Upper not respected in a SQL Insert/Update.
  • TP Android: GPS should timeout (This caused a spinning wheel when trying to refresh GPS coordinates on a submit).
  • TP Android: Smartformed fields not seeing their input type correctly.
  • TP Android: Delay when opening TracerPlus or reloading after a project deploy.
  • TP Android: After logging out of a project on Android you can bypass logging in with the back button (Android).
  • TP Android: Bluetooth Scanner Service on Zebra devices causing Bluetooth connection issues.
  • TP Android: Issue with sample apps on base install api 26 and zebra scanners.
  • TP Android: Barcode scanner turning on after device is woken from sleep.
  • TP Android: SUM Column Type not functional on Android.
  • TP Android: Seeing an instance where Barcode vs RFID not enabling/disabling properly.
  • TP Android: Scan of qr code with barcode scanner doesn't do anything from the login screen.
  • TP Android: On Submit Logic set to Goto a Field control gets spinning wheel.
  • TP Android: DBFirst tied to a grid control gets stuck on Refreshing. Please wait.
  • TP Android: Geiger dialog power slider not respecting set RFID power button action.
  • TP iOS: Update Existing record update option doesn't work on first submit.
  • TP iOS: Speed issues loading some projects for first time in iOS.
  • TP iOS: RFD8500 is not working on iOS devices.
  • TP iOS: Screen does not rotate back correctly (iOS).
  • TP iOS: Menu bar in middle of screen after rotation (iOS).
  • TP iOS: QR registration camera doesn't seem to be correctly fit for landscape mode.
  • TP iOS: Attempting to sync to an in use port, but not TPConnect can crash TracerPlus on iOS.
  • TP iOS: TP Source filters don't work on iOS.
  • TP iOS: Changing Host info does not always seem to deploy to iOS.
  • TP iOS: iOS Delete After Transfer not respecting source filters.
  • TP iOS: RFID Set Power button action not working on iOS.
  • TP iOS: Geiger power slider doesn't take effect until close and restart.
  • TP Client: User logins not allowing blank passwords.
  • TP WM/CE: Grid Scroll Bar not functional in live mode.
  • TP WM/CE: Tapping grid header to sort not functioning in Live Mode.
  • TP WM/CE: Editing a record in live mode with an image takes 15-20 seconds

10.2.0 Build 1843 - Patch Release - 12/4/2019

Bug Fixes/Enhancements:

  • TP Desktop: Sending Email now supports greater than 1000 records.
  • TP Android: Now targeting Google API level 28.
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