TracerPlus 10.3 Release Notes (2/17/2020)

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Joseph Kraebel

Staff member
10.3.0 Build 1910 - Initial Release - 2/17/2020

New Features

  • Native support added for the Alien ALR-H460 Mobile RFID reader.
  • New Custom Function Action added to Form Logic for advanced configurations using JavaScript.
  • Native support for CipherLab RK95 w/ 1D/2D Extended Range imager.

  • TP Client: User Login form now supports Barcode and NFC scanning and the flow between fields has been improved.

Bug Fixes:
  • TP PC: Default Sort not working on entry form Grid Controls.
  • TP Client: Subscription passwords not allowing the "&" character.
  • TP Android: RFID Geiger Counter picking up Random tags in addition to the selected tag.

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Not open for further replies.