TracerPlus 10.4 Release Notes (7/2/2021)

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Howard Heckman III

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10.4.0 Build 1998 - Initial Release - (7/9/2021)


  • Added support for all the latest Zebra RFID scanners.
  • New configuration options for many Zebra barcode settings, including: symbology settings, and reader parameters.
  • URLs can now be opened via a button action on Android devices.
  • Popup editor for Execute SQL and Custom Function logic items.
  • Read serial support added to Android devices.
  • Adds a peripheral reconnect button action. This helps with connecting the RFD8500 while TracerPlus is already open (should help with the usability of this device with TracerPlus).
  • Subscription logins can now use TracerPlus Desktop project configured session masks, as long as the username matches.

TracerPlus Connect
  • Custom URL headers can be added to HTTP endpoints.
  • Encryption support added for Android syncing.
  • New MTP/USB file transfer option for Android devices.
  • Changes behavior of Update Existing for Excel, text etc. it now updates all matching rows, not just the first.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixes published application name on the login form.
  • Fixes rendering of tab controls in some cases.
  • Fixes Bluetooth pairing via MAC address.
  • Fixes order of auto import, now done after a subscription login.
  • TracerPlus Grid Control rows per page fixes.
  • TracerPlus Connect instance manager fixes when using multiple Services.
  • Various other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
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