TracerPlus 10.5 Release Notes (9/22/2022)

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Howard Heckman III

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  • Scan-to-Pair - Allows Bluetooth peripheral scanners (such as the Zebra CS60) to pair by and connect by a simple barcode scan (iOS only).
  • Scan-to-Sync - A synchronization with TracerPlus Connect can now be done by a simple barcode scan. Simplifies deployment, no longer is an IP address or host name needed when configuring your project.
  • Updated support to include all of the latest Zebra handheld RFID readers. This includes the RFD40 and RFD90 sleds.
  • Brand new sample applications included with TracerPlus.

TracerPlus Connect
  • Scan-to-Sync - TracerPlus Connect now generates a QR code for each Sync Profile. This QR code can be scanned by TracerPlus to initiate a synchronization.
  • All registration of perpetual and subscribed licenses are now handled by the TracerPlus client.

Subscription Portal
  • Now see which users are logged in in real-time.
  • Updated Look
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