TracerPlus 8.0 Release Notes (11/18/2013)

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Joseph Kraebel

Staff member
  • Miscellaneous
    • Android OS supported
    • Disable Keyboard navigation (WM/CE only)
    • Hide Menu Bar (WM/CE ONly)
    • Clear user name after login
    • Use Custom Launcher
    • Data view grid column width (WM/CE Only)
    • Cascading button actions
    • Include read only fields option in clear all
    • Refresh button can now refresh a form control
    • Confirmation prompt on app exit
    • Confirmation prompt button action
    • Reset counter button action
    • Barcode and RFID settings configurable at session level
    • New smartform rules (Data begins with, data ends with, data contains, data has length)
    • Selectable platform on project deploy
  • Validations
    • Disable Data changed trigger on blank (NULL) data
    • No error sound on validation
    • No message on validation
    • Field level submit on error
    • Custom validation sounds per field
    • Validate field button action
  • Calculations
    • Modulus Calculation
    • GPS altitude
    • Currency and decimal symbols respect region
  • Data Grid
    • Binding direction can be set
    • Cached mode beep when row updated
    • Settable cached grid column type (Data, SUM)
    • Cached grid required in binding
  • RFID
    • RFID Tag locator (Geiger counter)
    • Settable RFID Flush Tags
    • RFID scan stop setting
TracerPlus Desktop
  • Miscellaneous
    • Re-organized user interface
    • Form designer auto scale
    • Visible option for controls on a form
TracerPlus Connect
  • Live (Real-time) mode added to TracerPlus Connect
  • Dynamic Sync Filters
    • Performance enhancement for Oracle databases
  • Schema option for ODBC data sources
  • Desktop project referenced at a profile level (from Process Level)
  • Delete existing post option
  • Expanded Text File formats/control
  • Unique text file creation
  • Advanced field mapping options (Overwrite, Sum, Subtract, Do Nothing)
Not open for further replies.