TracerPlus 8.2 Release Notes (7/31/2014)

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Joseph Kraebel

Staff member
8.2 New Features
  • TP Desktop/TP WM/Android -- New radio button field type.
  • TP Desktop/TP WM/Android -- Form Designer timer control, to perform events at specified intervals.
  • TP Desktop -- New Form Designer alignment controls.
  • TP Connect -- Enhanced live mode performance.

8.2 Bug Fixes

  • TP Desktop -- Solution Center Comment field not refreshing properly in sample projects ...
  • TP Desktop -- Goto Control ID not working for images with a button action configured...
  • TP Desktop -- All form designer toolbar icons should have a brief hover description
  • TP Desktop -- Session and record count controls not correct for creating default form when scrolled on larger forms
  • TP Desktop -- Copying a Confirmation prompt button action does not copy/paste all settings
  • TP Desktop -- Undo not working fully when undo a form size increase
  • TP Desktop -- No Confirmation Prompt option for Logout button.
  • TP Desktop -- If you try to save project with blank Field Name you get an exception
  • TP Connect -- Livemode grid sort sorting incorrectly
  • TP Connect -- Doing A like(%) filter with nothing else causes Livemode to begin a batch sync
  • TP Connect -- Importing a project and then using "Save" does not save the imported project.
  • TP Connect -- Datatypes of stored procedure parameters are all set to string
  • TP Connect -- Windows CE devices not syncing via TPConnect Sync All button
  • TP Connect -- Tray icon not respecting service status
  • TP Connect -- Autofind on scan in livemode does not work.
  • TP Mobile -- Validation Operators are doing a string comparison
  • TP Mobile -- Filename option for Export does not work.
  • TP Mobile -- Validate Immediately stops Submit on error from working.
  • TP Mobile -- Sort option not working in latest for drop down fields
  • TP Mobile -- Parsing not working right when scanned with a smartform rule
  • TP Mobile -- Grid pointing to a live session not initialized if displayed on a batch session
  • TP Mobile -- Record count displays incorrectly when editing a record in live mode
  • TP Mobile -- Grid Column Sort on a Cached Grid hangs
  • TP Mobile -- DB First should select first record in a grid control aft...
  • TP Mobile -- Issues when marking a grid control as not visible on form...
  • TP Mobile(Android only) -- Data view is vertically scroll-able in live mode in some ...
  • TP Mobile(Android only) -- Refresh on submit of GPS fields setting them to 0
  • TP Mobile(Android only) -- Auto reconnect in live mode not working when a timer is used
  • TP Mobile(Android only) -- Hide tab border for Android not working on some devices
  • TP Mobile(Android only) -- Issue with multiple Lookups working in some projects
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