TracerPlus 9.1 Release Notes (11/19/2015)

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Corey Hagewood

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TracerPlus 9.2 Released -

9.1 New Features

  • TP WM/Android/TP Desktop -- Publisher options: A Tracerplus add-on that allows for re-branding applications as your own
  • TP WM/Android/TP Connect -- Auto-Licensing: Auto license of Device and TP Connect via web request
  • TP WM/Android -- Custom Session Launcher icons: Customize the session icons for your TracerPlus launcher
  • TP Desktop -- Password protected project export files
  • TP Desktop -- New Conditional Logic events: New events include on grid insert and update.
  • TP Desktop -- Multiple reports per session: Support for multiple print/messaging reports per session has been added. Choose between reports at the time of print or message, or assign different ones to different buttons
  • TP WM/Android -- Device level Password masking: Added the ability to enable masking on TracerPlus field controls
  • TP Android -- Full Screen mode in Android
  • TP Android -- Native Barcode scanning for Cipher Lab: Cipher lab Android devices support native barcode scanning (the wedge is no longer required with these devices
  • TP Android -- Start Screen Option: Start on Screen now supported in Android
  • TP Android -- OBD2 Bluetooth scan tool support added for doing OBD2 vehicle inspections
  • TP WM/Android -- Case Insensitive Data validations: Enable or disable case requirement for Unique in table, Unique in record, and must match validations
  • TP Connect -- Data syncing performance improvements: Improvements for both Live and batch mode have been added
  • TP Destkop -- Drag/Drop of TP Desktop projects: You can now drag and drop TP Desktop projects into the application to launch them
  • TP Desktop -- File-->Add option: Added the ability to add sessions from one project to another. This can be used to merge 2 different TP Desktop Projects
  • TP Desktop -- Export files can now be opened via File-->Open
  • TP Desktop -- Projects now support revision level storing
  • TP Connect -- Sync on Cradle Connect: Added support to trigger a sync on device cradle connection
  • TP Desktop -- Conditional Logic Improvements: Usability improvements

9.1 Bug Fixes

  • A dropdown with filter values entered but disabled still tried to filter DropDown items
  • Print/Messaging report files did not correctly import from a TP Desktop export file
  • TracerPlus can freeze when FieldValueChange Logic Item is set to trigger AfterScan
  • Help-->About crashes if PC has a SD card plugged in
  • Using character occurrence parsing in Android fails in some cases
  • Underline font option not working in all android devices
  • Cut/Paste of radio buttons can blank out the values in Form designer
  • Logic Set Position Height does not work correctly for drop down fields
  • Editing a record did not display the correct selected radio button value
  • Euro symbol not printing correctly in Android
  • Improved loading of some Oracle data sets
  • If the device drops connection, the Live Mode Trial Mode nag screen can appear
  • File-->Import menu option does not work when in entry form
  • Exception when trying to use Set Font Logic Item in the Conditional Logic Else branch
  • Set Value logic rule doesn't work when set to a label
  • OR lookups don't work if you also have an AND lookup defined
  • Visible setting for controls doesn't work when multi-selecting in form designer
  • Camera Dialog seems to scale based on form height
  • Calc fields are not triggering Lookups
  • Selecting a data driven label but not choosing a Source Field can cause a crash in TP Desktop
  • Landscape sizing is not scaled properly
  • Excel sheet not prompting for save when opened by connect
  • Virtual KB should be able to check/uncheck a checkbox control
  • Custom validation sound resources not properly released during fast scans/validations
  • Emails sent from grid with no attachments send them anyway
  • Deploy issues on some devices with SD cards or newer storage options
  • Validate Immediately is overworking when using Inactivity Timeout
  • Importing a .tce with a desktop project tied to it not working properly

Download TracerPlus 9.1
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