TracerPlus 9.2 Release Notes (6/3/2016)

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Joseph Kraebel

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TracerPlus 9.5 Released -

9.2 New Features

  • NFC Support Added (Android Only)
  • CipherLab Native Barcode Scanner Support added for Android, Windows Mobile and CE devices
  • Native barcode support added to Zebra Android devices using a TracerPlus DataWedge profile
  • Camera silent mode with Front/Rear camera select (Android Only)
  • Auto Refresh field option to refresh field data at specified intervals (Android Only)
  • Settable option for Android keyboard visibility (Android Only)
  • Simple Number Pad added for number fields (Android Only)

9.2 Bug Fixes

  • TP WM: Hard crash using FieldValueChanged when referencing some types of calc fields
  • TP Connect: Issue Adding sessions to a live mode profile after configuring a linked TP Desktop project
  • TP WM/Android: Lookups not refreshing in some cases where Form Logic is used
  • TP Android: Scanning issue in TracerPlus on Zebra MC40 device cutting off portions of the barcode
  • TP WM: Printer .cfg files still being added on PDA installer
  • TP WM/Android: Clear All doesn't clear a drop down field if it is set to "Use DB Value"
  • TP WM: Publisher cab file not building when using encrypted user login file
  • TP Connect: Folder for linking desktop project in connect doesn't do anything
  • TP Android: Image and signatures not showing on some devices
  • TP WM/Android: Version number for publisher apps not displaying properly
  • TP WM/Android: Logic rule for play sound not working and stops subsequent logic items from running
  • TP Android: Hitting Android back on edited record retains data when form is re-opened
  • TP Android: Validation "Goto" during "Auto Submit" always going to Field 1
  • TP WM/Android: Drop down values retained on close and re-open of form
  • TP WM/Android: Lookup relationship field updating with blank in some cases
  • TP Android: Lookup Found/Not Found message not working in some cases
  • TP Android: Submit goto control not working correctly in some cases
  • TP WM/Android: Logic refresh action not working on grid controls
  • TP WM: Drop down field with no assigned control crashes TracerPlus
  • TP WM/Android: Logic set position "Top" is not respecting controls that are on tab
  • TP Connect: Signatures to JPEGs option not working in some scenarios
  • TP WM/Android: Date calculations for a new date based on number of days not working
  • TP Android: Default date time format is incorrect
  • TP Android: Cipher RS30 crashing on TracerPlus open
  • TP Connect: Editing a record in live mode with sig/images set to custom path not working
  • TP WM/Android: SQL Statements causes parsing error with single/double quotes in the data
  • TP WM: Speed improvement for cached grid posts
  • TP Android: Launcher Icons would appear on 3 rows instead of 2
  • TP Connect: Sync Successful Logic Event was being triggered on certain failures
  • TP Android: Send button action wasn't triggering its Goto Control ID
  • TP Desktop: Import Delimiter set to comma deploying drop downs with tab control boxes
  • TP Connect: Sync exception when syncing exactly 200 rows to Salesforce
  • TP Connect: Issue posting data in live mode with a grid pointing to itself

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