TracerPlus 9.5 Release Notes (1/31/2017)

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Joseph Kraebel

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9.5.0 Build 1454 - Initial Release - 1/31/2017

New Features

  • User Logins can now reference a TracerPlus session for login validation and logged in status
  • Zebra RFD8500 RFID sled support added (Android Only)
  • Publisher Site OEM licensing support added
  • Full path to linked TP Desktop project now visible/available in TracerPlus Connect
  • Project web deploy now available via QR code scanning (Android Only)

Bug Fixes

  • TP Desktop: Unhandled Exception when using filter on DoSync button but don't full configure
  • TP Connect: Issue posting data in live mode in some Android configurations
  • TracerPlus (Android/WM): Sync Successful logic event triggers in some failed sync cases
  • TP Desktop (Publisher): Some app icon files failed to load from a project import
  • TracerPlus (Android): Cached grid insert sound is lost after several quick RFID tag reads
  • TP Desktop: Image not displaying when source field is configured on an image with an assigned button action
  • TP Desktop: Device ID not displayed for Janam XM5 WEH device
  • TracerPlus (Windows Mobile): TracerPlus won't register on Janam XM5 WEH device
  • TracerPlus (Windows Mobile): Camera not working in TracerPlus on Janam XM5 WEH device
  • TracerPlus (Android): Setting a Field Controls input to RFID still allowing Text input
  • TracerPlus (Windows Mobile): Possible timing issue with cached grid and using parsed calculated fields
  • TracerPlus (Android): Extra white space being added to top of form when using camera to scan barcodes
  • TracerPlus (Android): Number field not allowing blanks to be submitted
  • TP Desktop: Conditional Logic "Else" check box should be disabled by default
  • TP Desktop (Publisher): Android app causes error when building with some image files
  • TracerPlus (Android): Not respecting screen orientation settings in some cases
  • TracerPlus (Windows Mobile): Barcode scanning issue on Cipher lab 9700 when using User Logins.
  • TracerPlus (Android): Cached grid posting to another session not respecting Update existing
  • TracerPlus (Android): Using camera scanner with logins enabled can cause logout of TracerPlus
  • TracerPlus (Android): Filtering a grid on a field that is not included in a sync is not working
  • TracerPlus (Android): Field set to data type NUMBER with pop up keyboard doesn't trigger After Scan event

9.5.0 Build 1459 - Patch Release - 4/7/2017

Bug Fixes

  • TracerPlus (Windows Mobile): Shortened string edits not saving
  • TP Desktop: Import/export of projects using session level user logins issue
  • TracerPlus (Android): Android session user logins not functioning
  • TracerPlus (Android): Camera hanging the application on first time use
  • TracerPlus (Windows Mobile): Entering a live session and then logging out from launcher page. Server was already disconnected so logout status didn't set.

9.5.0 Build 1461 - Patch Release - 5/31/2017

Bug Fixes

  • TracerPlus (Windows Mobile): Auto registration not working
  • TracerPlus (Android): Date Begins With, Data Contains and Data Ends With Smartform rules not working

9.5.0 Build 1473 - Patch Release - 11/7/2017

Bug Fixes

  • TracerPlus Connect: Syncing using the TPC management studio buttons and Publisher built cab installs.
  • TracerPlus Connect: SQL Server and schemas other than dbo.
  • TracerPlus (Windows Mobile): UIT validation issue when detecting a number data type.
  • TracerPlus (Android): Multi trigger objects on a single field in Android can cause ASYNC issues.
  • TracerPlus (Android): RFD8500 writing to EPC memory banks when EPC is larger than 12 bytes.
  • TracerPlus (Android): RFD8500 writing to User memory banks when EPC larger than 12 bytes.
  • TracerPlus (Windows Mobile): Drop down data not populating on a record edit after first time editing.
  • TracerPlus (Windows Mobile): Drop down Filtered DD not working on edit if filter field is *after* DD field.
  • TracerPlus (Windows Mobile): Fixed Update Existing Append If Not Found for cached grid posts.
  • TracerPlus (Windows Mobile): Must match failing when comparing two null values.
  • TracerPlus (Android): Cipher Lab RS50 scanning issue due to Mobiwire being the manufacturer.

9.5.0 Build 1475 - Patch Release - 1/11/2018

Bug Fixes

  • TracerPlus Connect: Live Mode record count memory use issue.
  • TracerPlus Desktop: Barcode scanning can now be enabled/disable for supported android devices.
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