Unable to Save TracerPlus Project to Disk Via Deployment Server


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I am building a TracerPlus app (V10) and want to deploy it via a deployment server. We are all distributed remote workers in different parts of the U.S., using exactly the same mobile client (Zebra TC25). We all work from home and so to make it easy to deploy the app, I have setup a deployment server on a Windows 2012 R2 web/database server. Two out of three of us have been able to connect and successfully deploy the app to the Zebra devices. The third person is able to connect and initiate the project download, but receives a "Unable to save project to disk" error. Anybody have an idea why this might be happening?

Thanks in advance.

Dan Peluso

Staff member

I am not sure why that might be happening. For the most part, it sounds like your network paths, etc are correct since some of you can deploy. Maybe a couple of things to check.

1. Does the user have enough storage space on their mobile device? Seems unlikely that they would not but worth checking.
2. Is this person using the same network as your other folks. For example, are you all on a VPN type connection and maybe the failed user is not?