Unable to transfer data from TC20

Lee Campbell

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I am failing miserably in my attempts to get a Zebra TC20 to transfer data via TracerPlus Connect. Activity Monitor shows the device connecting, and on the device itself the status shows "Logging in". However no data is copied to the destination text file (other destination formats have been tried). Profile progress and process progress remain at 0% and, after a short time, the status on the TC20 shows "Sync Interrupted".
I have followed the suggestions on this page - https://support.tracerplus.com/article/165-tracerplus-connect-sync-service-troubleshooting - and have gone as far as disabling and even removing endpoint protection software. I have tested the same configuration now on two separate PCs.

Below is an extract from the tpc9_eventlog file (attached) which is making me think the problem is with the TC20 itself. - CriticalError]: **Exception received: Unable to read data from the transport connection: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.
Stack Trace:
at TPConnect_SyncServer.PTS_SocketClient_TPC.()
Comment: (no additional detail)

TC20 is running Android 7.1.2. TracerPlus Desktop and Connect version is

Can anybody suggest where I look next?


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Dan Peluso

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From the log (further up), it looks like you are requesting to sync a profile id of "-1". This makes me think that the Profile ID is not set in the Form Designer button action. When you select the "DoSync" button action, 2 properties are exposed that need to be set (the Profile ID and the Host ID).

Can you verify if these are configured correctly in TP Desktop.

On a side note, since you are successfully communicating to TP Connect, it should be safe to assume it is not a anti-virus or firewall issue. Basically, if you are seeing communication going back and forth, you are generally ok from the firewall/AV side of things.

Let me know if that helps.