Undeletable fields and sessions


In Desktop v9.1.0.1256 I've come across several instances of fields that can't be deleted from sessions. The fields will disappear, but come back after the project is reopened, sometimes with different names or indexes.

Steps taken: In Session3 "Delivered barcodes", remove Field 4 and Field 3. Save project. Close TP Desktop. Open TP Desktop. Open project. The removed fields are still present.

The same behavior can be seen when removing entire sessions. After removing, saving, closing, and opening, a new session is present that should not be there.


Howard Heckman III

Staff member
Hi James,

This is probably due to a lookup that you have configured from another session pointing to the Field/Session that you are trying to delete. When the project re-opens it probably can't locate the field and session it is supposed to be returning so it adds them to the project.

Let me know if this could be the cause. If so, try turning off the lookup and then deleting the field.


No lookups to that session, nor to "Admin" which has a similar problem. In fact, Admin was created strictly to have live grids displaying info from the other sessions at once, I never added the two fields it has.


As an additional note, TracerPlus also does not honor unchecking those fields for export. After unchecking Field 3 and Field 4, they are still present in the exported csv file.