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Beth S

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I have a field with a pallet tag that is scanned. I have validation on this field to be unique in table, yet it does not check the SQL database to see if there is already a tag that is a duplicate of the one just scanned. Am I missing anything that needs to be added to this? I do have a live connection to the database as well. I've made the field in the SQL database unique, but it seems to be dropping the record instead of giving the user an error.

Dan Peluso

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It sounds like you have the configurations setup correctly; at least to the level you described. A couple of things to check that I can think of.

1. There are validation settings to suppress the warning to the end user (and even allow the submit to go through). Is it possible your settings are configured this way?

2. If the record submit process is actually being allowed through, I expect it is creating an error on the TP Connect side of things. From your description, I expect this would be throwing a key field violation type exception. This would show up in the log of TP Connect. I would be curious to hear if the log itself indicated why this value might be sneaking through the Unique In Table validation.

3. If you are a licensed user with an active support agreement, you could always create a support ticket and someone on our side could review your project. You would just need to do an export of your TP Desktop project via File-->Export and attach the created .tpe file to the ticket itself. A support ticket can be created from under the Support menu option.

Thanks, Let me know if this helps

Beth S

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Thanks for the reply Dan.
1) 138
No settings to turn off any error messages.

2) 139
The log file shows the duplicate, but the statement being terminated is what bothers me as I'm worried that records aren't being recorded and the user is unaware of the issue.

3) I will have to do that. Thanks for your help.


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Hey! It's a bit old topic, but I want to share some advice. One thing to check is the syntax of your validation rule. There may be a typo or mistake in the rule that's causing it not to check the SQL database properly. Also, check the connection between your form and the SQL database to ensure it works correctly.