virtual device Windows ce Barcode reader

Hello, I'm new in Tracer Plus, every thing looks logical to me.

But I have some questions. Is it neccesary for testing purposus, to have a scanner connected to the PC ?
I should like to develop,e, run and test a lot off stuff before I deploy it to a barcode reader.
The project i'm working on , is on the moment not so far that we can maken decisions about the exact type we need.

Thanks in advance.

Dan Peluso

Staff member
There are actually emulators you can use that run on your Windows PC. These are available for both Windows mobile and Android.

Here is an article we wrote describing how to use the Windows Mobile emulator.

Here is a similar article for Android.

Please note that neither of these emulators are PTS products so we cannot offer much in the way of technical support if they get finicky.

Let me know if that helps.