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    Running a TracerPlus app in Windows

    Does anyone have any experiences running a TracerPlus application in Windows? We develop our applications around Windows Mobile and Android terminals but often our clients want to be able to run the app under Windows too. Normally it is to add an additional user using a laptop or Windows tablet...
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    Connect Support for TP Publisher with Multiple Apps

    I was trying to use the TracerPlus Connect software itself. Since then I spoke to one of your support reps and he said that using the Sync option in TracerPlus Connect software is not supported when you are using TP Publisher. For TP Publisher apps you must use buttons with the DoSync action. If...
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    Connect Support for TP Publisher with Multiple Apps

    With the TracerPlus Publisher version I am able to create multiple apps that one on one device. The question is how do I setup TP Connect to sync with multiple apps at the same time? For example: I recently had 3 apps developed with TP Publisher deployed to a Windows Mobile device. One of them...
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    Enable / Disable a Session with an Event or Button

    I don't think there is a way to do this but it would be a good enhancement to be able to Enable or Disable a session from within the application. Maybe with an event or button action.
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    Bluetooth Printing

    Does TP require that you first have a Bluetooth printer paired to the Android device? I'm having trouble getting my RS30 paired to a Zebra GX420BT printer but anyway if this is required can an Android device pair to more than one printer at a time so if you want to print to more than one printer...
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    Bluetooth Printing

    Thanks, it also looks like you can assign a different Bluetooth printer to each of the reports under TP 9.1 so you can print to multiple printers with a single Android or Windows Mobile TP application?
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    Has anyone successfully tried doing an SQL SELECT INTO OUTFILE statement in the Form Logic Events? It would be a great enhancement over the current Export / Import feature.
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    Bluetooth Printing

    When printing to a Bluetooth printer a Pair name is established to pair the devices. Is it possible to have more than one Windows Mobile or Android device print to the same Bluetooth printer? Or do you have to set the printer up as a network device.
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    Button Action Scan

    We are reviewing all of the options available with the customer. One of those is the Kiosk product however these are not portable and most of the time the customer needs it to be portable. It is just a special situation when they are working with some chemicals that they want a presentation...
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    Button Action Scan

    That is correct.
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    Button Action Scan

    Thanks. What the customer wants is to emulate a presentation scanner with a TP form. So I would set up a button action to trigger the scanner and then use the timer on a 1 second or so loop to move focus to the button and then an OnFocus button event to Click the button. I don't have a Motorola...
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    Button Action Scan

    Are there only certain devices that the Button Action Behavior Scan works with? I've tried it with a Honeywell 70e Windows Mobile device but I can't get the button action to trigger the barcode scanner.
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    TracerPlus needs temporary fields/variables

    Yes, I thought about that but then if the user hits done and the form has been changed it prompts them to save and if they hit yes then it would perform the standard Submit. Unless there is a way to emulate the Done functionality - something like if FormChange then display dialog box with save...
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    Form Logic ShowMessage with Variable Information

    Does anyone know how to use the ShowMessage Action with variable information? When you set the ShowMessage Action the system allows you to enter an ID in the Action Controls box but it doesn't seem to do anything. I thought it would put the text value of the ID in the message content but it...